ADVISOR TOOLKIT: Why consider managed solutions?

Why consider managed solutions?

As a financial advisor, it is very common to take on multiple roles within your practice. Juggling client management, marketing and compliance duties can quickly become overwhelming and time-consuming.


managedsolutions_brain_icon 75% of advisors experience high levels of stress, anxiety and burnout from work.1 To grow in a sustainable way, advisors must provide expertise to existing clients, prospect for new ones and take their mental health seriously.
managedsolutions_group_icon 90% of advisors report higher retention and the ability to build stronger relationships.2
managedsolutions_scale_icon95% of advisors who outsource their daily investment management responsibilities report better work-life balance.2
managedsoltuions_breifcase_icon6-8 hours a week is the average number of hours advisors can save when they adopt model portfolios to improve efficiency and scalability in their practice.3
managedsolutions_shield_iconClients invested in model portfolios trust their advisors 97% of the time compared with 73% of clients not invested in models.4

100+ funds is the number of different funds an advisor may have on their book. As Client Focused Reforms (CFRs) have increased the regulatory burden, advisors can benefit from a streamlined product shelf.5


You know your business better than anyone. As you look to the future, consider managed solutions as a tool that can help transform your practice, foster growth and ensure sustainability for the future.


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May 24, 2024