ADVISOR TOOLKIT: Why consider enhancing client relationships with social media?

Why consider enhancing client relationships with social media?

Since the pandemic, there has been a marked shift in the kind of experiences clients and prospects have come to expect. Here’s why you should consider using digital tools to streamline your social media presence and enhance the value you provide for clients:


socialmedia_moneybag_iconThe concept of “giving while living” has accelerated the $1T transfer of wealth from Canadian Baby Boomers to Gen X and Millennials.1
socialmedia_phone_male_iconMore than 40% of Canadians prefer digital advisor interactions for financial planning, advice and related activities, up 30% from 2021.2
socialmedia_phone_female_iconSocial media platforms (especially for Gen Z)6 have provided an overload of information, influencing investor decision making. In fact, 34% of investors have made a change to their investments based on announcements on social media.3
socialmedia_laptop_info_iconOver 50% of Gen Z’s and Millenials intentionally look to social media to increase their financial literacy on topics such as budgeting, debt management and taxes.3
socialmedia_laptop_thumbsup_iconInvestors expect advisors to use social media, and 23% of Gen Z’s will not consider speaking to a financial professional who does not have a social media presence.4
socialmedia_computerchip_iconUsing automated social media marketing should take a financial advisor no more than 10 minutes per day.5 Tools such as AdvisorStream incorporate intuitive AI, improving the impact without increasing the time invested.


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June 03, 2024